District Award of Merit


  • The District Award of Merit is awarded by a District to a registered Scouter for service to youth in the District. Normally, the award is presented for service to youth in excess of five years.
  • Candidates must be nominated, not self-nominated.
  • A nominee must be a registered Scouter.
  • A nominee must have rendered noteworthy service to youth in Scouting, outside of Scouting, or both. Note: The nature and value of 'noteworthy service to youth' may consist of a single plan or decisions that contributed vitally to the lives of large numbers of youth or it may have been given to a small group over an extended period of time.
  • Consideration must be given to the nominee's Scouting position and the corresponding opportunity to render outstanding service beyond the expectations of that Scouting position.
  • The nominee's attitude toward and cooperation with the district, division, and/or council is to be taken into consideration.

District Award of Merit Plaque