George Meany Award

  • In recognition of their contributions to America's future, the AFL-CIO Executive Council established the George Meany Award. It recognizes union members-men and women-who have made a significant contribution to the youth of their communities by volunteering in the programs of the BSA. The award is named for the AFL-CIO's first president, who gave strong support to Scouting over the years
  • The central labor council invites all local unions to submit their candidates for the award. Any person, group, affiliated council, or local union may nominate a Scouter/member for the George Meany Award. The nominee must have the local union's recommendation as well as BSA council certification.
  • The central labor council makes the final selection of its recipients from the candidates submitted. The selections and approvals are normally the responsibility of the Community Services Committee of the central labor council in conjunction with the Executive Board.
  • The central labor council forwards the recipient's completed application to the Labor Relationships of the Boy Scouts.

George Meany Award medal