William T. Hornaday Award

Thin of it as an Olympic Medal bestowed by the EarthEdit


  • The William T. Hornaday Award recognizes Scouts and Scouters for their service to conservation and ecology efforts in their communities. There are six different Hornaday awards with an ever-increasing scale of challenge. The youth individual awards are based on earning certain merit badges and completing one or more significant conservation projects.
  • The Silver Medal award is the highest possible attainment in conservation for a Boy Scout
  • The Gold Medal is the highest possible attainment in conservation for a Scouter. The gold medal may be considered when a qualified Scouter is recommended by his or her council, by an established conservation organization, or by any recognized conservationist. The nominee must have demonstrated leadership and a commitment to the education of youth on a national or international level, reflecting the natural resource conservation/environmental awareness mission of the Boy Scouts of America. Nominations must be approved by the BSA's national conservation committee.
  • A Unit Certificate can be awared to a den, patrol, or group of five or more Scouts for a unique, substantial, conservational project, but the square knot is reserved for those earning one of the medals.

Download application and nomination forms from BSA Hornaday Forms Page

William T. Horaday Award
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